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Published Papers (by publication date, descending order)

Bhanot, S.P. Isolating the Effect of Injunctive Norms on Conservation Behavior: New Evidence from a Field Experiment in California. Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes. Forthcoming. (LinkPDF)

Bayer, A., S.P. Bhanot, E. Bronchetti, and S. O’Connell. 2020. Diagnosing the Learning Environment for Diverse Students in Introductory Economics: An Analysis of Relevance, Belonging, and Growth Mindsets. AEA Papers & Proceedings, 110, 294-298. (Link)

Bhanot, S.P., and C. Williamson. 2020. Financial Incentives and Herding: Evidence from Two Online Experiments. Southern Economic Journal, 86(4), 1559-1575. (Link; PDF)

Banker, S., S.P. Bhanot, and A. Deshpande. 2020. Poverty Identity and Preference for Challenge: Evidence from the U.S. and India. Journal of Economic Psychology, 76. (LinkPDFOnline Appendix)

Bhanot, S.P., and E. Linos. 2020. Behavioral Public Administration: Past, Present, and Future. Public Administration Review, 80(1), 168-171. (Link)

Bhanot, S.P., C.A. Roberto, A. Chainani, C. Williamson, and M. den Braven. 2019. Testing Effects of Loss-Framing and Checklists: Evidence from a Field Experiment on Wellness Program Participation in Philadelphia. Journal of The Economic Science Association, 5(2), 210-222. (Link)

Yoeli, E., J. Rathauser, S.P. Bhanot, M.K. Kimenye, E. Mailu, E. Masini, P. Owiti, and D. Rand. 2019. Digital Health Support in Treatment for Tuberculosis. The New England Journal of Medicine, 381(10), 986-987. (Link) (Selected Media Coverage: NY Times; SciTech Daily)

Bayer, A., S.P. Bhanot, and F. Lozano. 2019. Does Simple Information Provision Lead to More Diverse Classrooms?: Evidence from a Field Experiment on Undergraduate Economics. AEA Papers & Proceedings, 109, 110-114. (Link; PDF; Online Appendix)

Bhanot, S.P., J. Han and C. Jang. 2018. Workfare, Wellbeing and Consumption: Evidence from a Field Experiment with Kenya’s Urban Poor. Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, 149, 372-388. (LinkPDF)

Bhanot, S.P., G. Kraft-Todd, D. Rand and E. Yoeli. 2018. Putting Social Rewards and Identity Salience to the Test: Evidence from a Field Experiment on Teachers in Philadelphia. Journal of Behavioral Public Administration, 1(1), 1-16. (Link; PDF)

Bhanot, S.P. 2017. Rank and Response: A Field Experiment on Peer Information and Water Use Behavior. Journal of Economic Psychology, 62, 155-172. (LinkPDF; AudioSlides)

Bhanot, S.P. 2017. Cheap Promises: Evidence from Loan Repayment Pledges in an Online Experiment. Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, 140, 226-246. (Link; PDF)

Kraft-Todd, G., E. Yoeli, S.P. Bhanot, and D. Rand. 2015. Promoting Cooperation in the FieldCurrent Opinion in Behavioral Sciences, 3, 96-101. (LinkPDF)

Working Papers

“Emotions and Decisions in the Real World: What Can We Learn from Quasi-Field Experiments?” (with Daphne Chang, Julia Lee, and Matthew Ranson), 2018 (Current Version PDF*Revise & Resubmit (PLOS One)*

“Partisan Polarization and Resistance to Elite Messages: Results from a Survey Experiment on Social Distancing” (with Daniel Hopkins), 2020 *Revise & Resubmit (Journal of Behavioral Public Administration)* (Selected Media Coverage: Philadelphia Inquirer)

“When Reciprocity Backfires: Experimental Evidence from Ecuador” (with Irani Arraiz and Carla Calero), 2018 *Submitted*

“Less is More: Experimental Evidence on Heuristic-Based Business Training in Ecuador” (with Irani Arraiz and Carla Calero), 2019

Research in Progress

“Can Community Service Grants Foster Social and Economic Integration for Youth? A Randomized Trial in Kazakhstan” (with Benjamin Crost, Jessica Leight, Eric Mvukiyehe, and Bauyrzhan Yedgenov)

“Interactive Text Messaging for Financial Behavior Change: Evidence from Zambia” (with Michael King)

“Motivating Without Money: Using Public Good Framing to Encourage Resource Conservation by the Rich” (with Gordon Kraft-Todd, David Rand, and Erez Yoeli)

“Good for You or Good for Us?: A Field Experiment on Motivating Citizen Behavior Change”

“Don’t Ignore the Messenger: A Field Experiment on Leveraging Leaders to Drive Social Program Uptake”

“Why Are Consumer Inattentive to Hidden Costs?” (with Leila Bengali)

“The Value of Commitment Contracts at Work” (with Benjamin Lockwood and Andrew Johnston)

“Using Reminders to Encourage Adolescents to Apply for Summer Jobs” (with Sara Heller)

“The Endowment Effect and Anchoring in the Field: Experimental Evidence from Kenyan Markets” (with Salima Bourguiba and Bingxin Tu)

Other Publications

“You’re Stronger Than Your Quarantine Fatigue” (Link), New York Times: Op-Ed: May 5, 2020.

“How to Get People to Pitch In” (Link)
(with Gordon Kraft-Todd, David Rand, and Erez Yoeli), New York Times: Gray Matter Op-Ed: May 15, 2015.

“Motivated by the Masses: Social Information as a Policy Tool”
(with Vivien Caetano), The Harvard Kennedy School Review: p. 17-22, 2015.

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